Derbyshire based customised wooden plaques and shelving - nationwide delivery available

About Us


Original Wood Creations is a Derbyshire based, family run business specialising in homemade wooden plaques, shelving and decor.
Our business was created just after the birth of our son, Theo. We noticed that there wasn't a lot of choice when it came to home decor that was in our price range. As you probably know, having a baby is expensive, which is why our budget for his nursery was quite low. But we didn't want that to stop us from creating the best space that we could. That is when we decided to see what we could make ourselves.

So, in the same month Theo was born, so was Original Wood Creations.

We started with wooden plaques, then we expanded to wooden shelving and decor too. One of our aims was to make a variety of different products for a variety of occasions, not just the home, which is why we're always adding new products to our shop!



We use reclaimed wood for every single one of our plaques. As well as getting outstnading results once sanded and varnished, we're also giving something a new lease of life! Every single one of our products are 100% hand made using high quality software and materials. Our products are always unique and no 2 will look the same, resulting in a much more personal and high-quality piece.


Jay is responsable for sourcing, purchasing, cutting and sanding the wood. He often spends his weekends in his workshop or out making the hour trip, collecting the wood from our supplier. Due to the early morning starts, with having a baby and traveling most weekends, he will never be seen without a coffee in hand!

Sophie is in charge of the design, painting and printing process. Whilst also being a full-time mum to baby Theo, you'll find her behind the computer screen designing and finalising the products. Oh, and running to the post office before it closes!

Together, whilst trying to keep their little one content and happy, they are in charge of creating and designing the best product they can for you.